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Jun '14

Social Media Reactions to Thailand Martial Law

The Thailand Military declared martial law last Tuesday but denies it has staged a coup. For all intents and purposes however, it has complete control over the main channels of power. There was no notice whatsoever given to the caretaker government about the takeover but it came with a stern warning: Do not use social media to incite unrest. This event has occupied social media news in the country for the past week and because of the gravity of its meaning, this is not at all surprising.

The Power of Social Media

Why warn people not to use social media to incite unrest? The Thailand Military knows very well about the power of social media thus the warning. Anything can quickly go viral, whether they are messages, images, or official reports. The warning probably pertains to the possibility of adding to the confusion or quite simply to limit or block information which is expected in  a martial law rule or coup.

Social Media Happenings and Reactions

#prayforthailand hashtag

In the tradition of how social media makes a particular message go viral, the #prayforthailand hashtag has floated to serve as a collection point of messages and articles wishing the best for Thailand under this very trying circumstances. Most messages talk about hope, sorrow for the casualties, and condemnation of the declaration of martial law. It is a line that is expected to reverberate more in the coming days.

Concern for Closure of TV Stations and Blocking of Social Media Accounts

At least 14 TV channels were ordered to stop broadcasting. Some journalists have already aired their concerns about their social media accounts which apparently are being blocked. Embassies have been issuing advisories to their nationals to avoid even peaceful protests as they can easily turn violent because of the emotions involved.


What can be considered as light moments during these heavy times is the propensity for taking selfies. Young women are said to be seen doing this against the backdrop of soldiers and military vehicles. These scenes provide hope that things are not as bad as they seem. Selfies also provide a glimpse of what is actually happening inside Thailand.

What Can Be Accomplished by Social Media?

Social media helps spread the word that something is happening in Thailand. The more people know, the more eyes will be able to observe. Hopefully in knowing this, the Thailand Military will be encouraged or even pressured to do what is right.

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May '14

Thailand in World War 2: Historical Sites

Thailand has a rich history that dates back to the prehistoric times and it is this factor that attracts people from all over the world to visit the country. Proof of this rich history are the historical sites spread around this popular Asian nation.

During the Second World War when the Japanese conquered Southeast Asia, Thailand was not spared. To get to know this particular event on a personal level, one needs to visit a number of historical sites such as those in the famous Kanchanaburi Province.

Kanchanaburi War Cemetery

kanchanaburi war cemetery

The Kanchanaburi province is most known for the so-called “death railway,” the site where thousands of laborers of varied nationalities (Dutch, Australians, Americans and British) were killed. At this site (Saeng Chu) is the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery or Don Rak where nearly 7,000 Allied prisoners of World War II died.
It is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Bridge over the River Kwai


The famous bridge over the River Kwai is also in the Kanchanaburi province. Featured in the best selling book and movie and now considered a symbol of peace, the bridge forms part of the Death Railway and spans over the KwaiYai River. It was constructed by World War II prisoners and supervised by the Japanese Army. Continue reading "Thailand in World War 2: Historical Sites" »

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Jan '14

5 Amazing Resorts in Thailand


Thailand is a beautiful location with much to see and do. There are beautiful beaches and lovely sloping mountain ranges … not to mention the nightlife that inspires many visitors to return. The sights are simply breathtaking.

There are five resorts in Thailand that offer a luxurious experience; and here you will enjoy every minute of your vacation. Continue reading "5 Amazing Resorts in Thailand" »

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Dec '13

Popular Anime Series Thai Style

Thailand is one country in Asia that boasts of a rich culture. It strictly adheres to its customs and traditions keeping in mind the values imparted by it main religion which is Buddhism.

But while Thai culture continues to follow tradition, its citizens are quick in following the latest trend such as in fashion, technology and even anime. The youth of the country, in particular, keep abreast with what’s new in the western countries.

In the field of anime, many young Thais are big fans of cartoons including the old ones. Unfortunately, censorship is very strict such that certain parts of the cartoon characters’ body are intentionally being blurred. This is primarily due to the country’s religious teachings which consider the display of too much skin even in cartoons as unpleasant.

On the positive side, though, the anime industry in Thailand is flourishing. Many Thais are into graphic designing and creations allowing them to make beautiful and unique images and caricatures. Continue reading "Popular Anime Series Thai Style" »

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Nov '13

How to Make Authentic Thai Coconut Dessert


In many parts of Asia, the coconut is one of the most widely consumed fruit coming from the so-called tree of life. Apart from its juice and milk, its meat is also a useful part that Asians love to eat fresh and raw, cooked or dried.

Thailand is one Asian country that makes use of the coconut for its dessert known as the ka nom tom. It’s a traditional and simple sweet treat that features rice flour with coconut filling made into bite-size balls and rolled on dried coconut to make the coating.

To create this Thai dessert is easy and straightforward. You will need two cups of glutinous rice flour, one-half cup rice flour, one to two cups of white sugar, one-half cup warm water, two cups of brown sugar and two cups shredded coconut. Adding pandan extract will make it colorful and sweet smelling although this is an optional step.

Once you have all the ingredients ready, the first step is to mix the glutinous rice and white sugar then slowly add warm water to make a dough. Continue reading "How to Make Authentic Thai Coconut Dessert" »

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Oct '13

Going Up North: Discovering the city of Chiang Mai


The city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand is hailed as one of the most culturally significant locations in the country. Aside from countless temples and dozens of festivals in the city, it also boasts the largest night markets in Asia. In fact, Kad Luang is said to be the best place to find and buy affordable clothes, shoes, and other clothing items in different designs and sizes. Night markets in Thailand usually open at around 5 in the afternoon close before midnight. But aside from affordable clothes and accessories, what else is there to discover in Chiang Mai? Continue reading "Going Up North: Discovering the city of Chiang Mai" »

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Sep '13

Visiting the Land of Smiles – Thailand


The beauty of Thailand is undeniable. From its crystal-clear waters to its amazing mountains, Thailand’s one-of-a-kind scenery has the power to captivate and amaze everyone that enjoys the opportunity to visit. The magic of Thailand can be broken down into three different components: food, places, and people. Continue reading "Visiting the Land of Smiles – Thailand" »

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Jul '13

The Early Beginnings of Muay Thai

Muay thai gym bangkok

In the field of sports, Thailand is most known for its Muay Thai. This form of martial arts is also referred to as kickboxing owing to the use of fists, elbows, knees and feet. It requires both physical and mental discipline in order to master the sport.

This Thai martial arts gained popularity in the 16th century but it was only in the 20th century when it spread to the different parts of the globe as more Thais achieved success in the sport. Continue reading "The Early Beginnings of Muay Thai" »

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Jul '13

Online vs Real Classroom: The Best Way to Learn Thai

learning thai in bangkok

Thailand is one of Asia’s and the world’s top tourist destinations. There’s no doubt that this country attracts people from all across the globe in the millions each year.

In fact, Thailand not only attracts tourists but even English teachers from other countries who want to help locals in their quest to become proficient in the English language. The country continues to have a high demand for native English speakers although it also accepts those who are not as long as they have a bachelor’s degree and appropriate TEFL credits.

Foreign teachers working in Thailand would be able to communicate better with their students if they know the local language. Fortunately, this is not a problem as there many Thai language schools available particularly in the capital Bangkok. Those committed to staying long in the country need to find time to enroll in a Thai language course. Do remember that most locals don’t speak English at all hence learning Thai will let you interact with them.
Continue reading "Online vs Real Classroom: The Best Way to Learn Thai" »

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Jun '13

English Language Schools in Bangkok

English Language Curriculum Language ExpressBangkok is best known for its wonderful tourist attractions, but what many visitors don’t realize is that this country is a great place to learn the English language as well. With plenty of English language schools catering to students of all levels, you can easily turn your Bangkok getaway into a study vacation.

If you’re planning on hitting two birds with one stone on your next trip to Bangkok, then you’d better choose an English language school ahead of time. After all, enrolling in a course is not like sightseeing where some photos and mementos are all you need to remember the sights by. If you really want to improve your English language skills in a relatively short time, you’d better choose a good school to attend.

To help you find the best language schools for your upcoming study vacation, here are some options you might want to look into:

Inlingua – Inlingua, with its 14 branches, is one of the more reputable English language chain in Thailand. One of the perks here is that with so many branches, you will surely find one that is close to a must-visit shopping mall or to your hotel. Enrolling at Inlingua will also assure you a teacher that’s a native English speaker, which is a plus especially if it’s diction and pronunciation you wish to improve. However, you must remember that not all native English speakers make for good English teachers. So if you do enrol at Inligua, ask for in demand teachers that seem to be getting real results.

Language Express – Language Express is perfect for students looking for a one-stop shop specialising in exam preparations. Students are taught by tutors experienced in helping students brush up on skills and stock knowledge required to pass standardised tests such as the GED, IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT I & II to name a few. They also offer language classes in English and in Thai, so that tourists who are interested in learning both languages won’t need to separate schools to service their needs. And yes, all their English teachers are also native speakers.

Wall Street – Wall Street would be the school of choice for students who prefer the flexibility that online learning brings. While the language school does not make their students rely on the computer alone, with instructors meeting their class on a scheduled date to assess students and help them practice at the end of each lesson chapter, it’s still a vast improvement over other schools in terms of flexibility in class hours. However, this learning style is not for everyone, especially for English beginners who would benefit much from face-to-face tutoring.


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“Gia is an English language and exam prep tutor from Thailand. She works mainly with students in Bangkok who are seeking to improve their English while studying for the GED exam (เรียน  GED) and pass the IELTS exams (เรียน  IELTS)”

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